Silverback Bikes Ecommerce Website

Design & Web Developement

What started as a 3 month project, turned quickly into a 7 month project. As we progressed on the site the, more features and functions got requested. In this project there are many key features at play, I assisted in the development process with:

1. Wire Frames - this included front page, single product pages, frame technology pages, Platform Pages, company pages, brand benefit pages, and a select number of form pages
2. Creation of the above pages with HTML5, PHP, JS, SASS
3. Responsiveness across multiple devices
4. Cross-browser support across - Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Opera
5. Assisting in Data administration

As this is a Wordpress site, I custom designed the single product pages and built my own theme to work across the entire site. With assistance from the backend developers in the team, we together created this amazing website.

  • Client
    Silverback Bikes
  • Date
    July 2018
  • Category
    webdesign / development